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In May 2019, I started this initiative called 'The Unwanted'. Since childhood I had frequented my mother's boutique, but i was always oblivious to all the textile waste around me. My mom was already into sustainable fashion and kept adopting different methods to reduce wastage, but it wasn't until this summer that i got inspired and felt like doing my bit. I started observing the world around me. Everywhere i looked, there was all of this waste but where did it all go? All of it ends up in landfills and pollutes the Earth.

I am Preity Doshi, a 16 year old from Ahmedabad,  'The Unwanted' is a small-scale startup. It is a zero-waste, biodegradable product brand where we use textile waste to make products and generate employment among the underprivileged from various slums. Waste management is the future! We can't afford to produce more as it will create more landfills.

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Brilliant! I am so happy to see Preity transform...I still remember her first hesitant day of volunteering with Samvedna at HL college and within no time she became a regular.
Happy to see her grow!

Janki Vasant
Founder Samvedna

Well done Preity on your beautiful initiative.
Young generation is much more aware of environmental responsibility.

Shilpa Teredesai
Professor in New Zealand

The initiative of bio-degradable duster has been awesome, we are having good time in cleaning our house with the colourful dusters. My kids are in love with them too. 
May be short handle with short cloth can be used by kids too. 
Kudos and all the best for many more such initiatives in future.

Vipul Jiyani
Interior Designer

The colourful dusters are so beautiful  that I honestly kept it as a showpiece for kids room. I felt it to be too pretty and high quality to be wasted like a duster.

Dr. Applu Bhatt

The idea of the duster is amazing. My mother just loved it and appreciated it a lot. Would love to have the same kind of duster for my house on regular basis.

Harsh Patel
Businessman-Real Estate

I love to dress up and look my best every morning when I set out to work and hence make up is something which is part of my dressing up. The reusable make up removing wipes from ‘The Unwanted’ are an essential element of my night skin care routine.. They are so good, soft and helps in removing heavy make up too. The best part is you can wash them and use it again. I love them and would highly recommend

Rasika Pote 
Film Maker


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